A few fan NFTs left

Members of the community have been able to swap their STAD for our various fan NFTs, this morning a few more have gone up for the crazy cheap price of 0.05 ETH on OpenSea. The total prize pot will be 150 STAD tokens to the winner of the competition, mad eh. Website has also been pushed with a fans section.

Ape now to avoid disappointment, a few more swaps will go up today.

Don’t forget this is a month long competition and underdogs have surprised us before. The resale market during that month on OpenSea is where the fun is that.

See you on the pitch!



For the early birds we have a little LP staking going on

We have set up a GYSR so that people can stake their ETH-STAD LP and get STAD.

The link to stake LP is here.

Essentially you add liquidity on Uniswap v2, and then stake this in the gysr, you can then withdraw at any time and get your reward.



Make memes and get paid for it!

How does this work?

Be creative, football, crypto, stadiums, these are your themes.

Post them in our Telegram, but also on Twitter for maximum engagement, of course we will retweet you.

Prizes are as follows:

Best meme: 30 STAD (Yes we are giving you over 350 USD at todays price to make a meme)

Second and third places will get 10 STAD.

Feel free to use our logo, here is a BIG one.